What you see in your life is created by you!

Take a look around at your life. At your business. At your health. Every single thing is created by you. No one else to blame but you.

Yes, I know I may piss some people off, but then again, those people don’t read my stuff. They don’t dare to think for themselves that they can create their own reality.

Bullshit, you say.

Well, then you get bullshit.

Don’t you see that you have the power inside yourself?

Let me tell you a secret.

The universe doesn’t give a fuck about you.

Meaning. It will give you exactly what you ask for. Ask for less, you get less. Ask for more, you get more.

And then you tell me that you have not manifested sickness, lack of money, bad relationship in your life. Then I have to ask you, what do you think about on an everyday basis?

Don’t you think about those things you can actually SEE?

Well, then you got it.

You have to trick your mind to SEE those things you WANT to manifest.

More money. SEE money.

More clients. SEE tons of clients.

Less sickness. SEE health.

The universe doesn’t have your back or whatever bullshit they tell you. The only person that can have your back is……wait for it…. YOU.

Omg if you get this then you have the secret. The secret to success. The secret to money. The secret to health.

But that is the thing. It is so fucking hard to THINK differently. I have a hard time myself, even if I finally get it.

We are so programmed to THINK negative that it is hard to actually SEE what we want to SEE.

And if you ever decide to give your power away, to God, the universe, the angels, you will be disappointed.

Everything you see in your life is created by YOU.

Your mind is so powerful that you can’t image how much you can manifest FAST if you only did that instead of following everyone else and hoping for someone else to save you.

Save yourself from being a victim. You are powerful, so start to act like you have it. Because you do. See in your mind what you want to manifest and don’t stop until you got it.

Camilla xxx

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