Want to know something cool? You can find out what is stopping you from success and then start to move many steps closer to what you say you want. And do you really want those thing you say you want? Really? If so why haven’t you achieved it yet? Nothing on the outside can actually stop you, because what you see on the outside is only a reflection on your inside. Means that you don’t want it that bad. Do you?

Well, you can find out what is stopping you from having success and then move many steps closer to what you say you want.

Those thing you see on the outside is created by you. Your life, health, wealth, friendship, how happy you are, how much fun you have and so it goes. It’s your life and this is what you have opted in for. Want something else? Then see something else in your mind and you imagination. Everyday you choose what you want. How you want to spend your time, who you want to be with, the job you go to it’s a choice. You are free to apply for another life right now.

Many women feel like they are living in a prison, that they can’t change things. But only when you understand that your mind is the only one that is holding you in prison, can you change your circumstances.

Your dreams will take you upstream. You don’t have to focus so deeply on them, but what you need to focus on and find the solution to, is what is stopping your from success.

If you tell me that you want to make 10K — 30K months then why are you not there yet? It has nothing to do with what is going on on the outside. I assume you have something to sell, you have maybe even a coaching package or you have an idea that you will bring to live. So why aren’t you there yet then?

There is a part inside you that dosen’t want to achieve it. A part of you feel that it is keeping you safe by letting you stay where you are today. Find that part and have a conversation with it.

This is how you can do it. First write down on a piece of paper why you want that thing you want. 10K months and beyond. Why do you want it? Then sit with the feeling that you don’t want it. Write down why you don’t want to see that happening. Why is it better to stay where you are today? It can be things like you feel that with money you will become selfish, with making 10K month and beyond you will be overloaded with clients etc.

Instead of battle the feeling that you are not where you want to be and use positive affirmations to get there, sit with the feeling of feeling like a failure. Feel bad. Feel like a fraud, Feel that you have failed. Feel that you are a looser. Let it sink in. It’s ok to feel like this. This is one part of you that dosen’t want to have success. It’s ok to feel it.

Then you can choose to find a solution, a third solution on this problem that one part of you want success, the other is afraid of success. How can those two parts come together and both be heard and happy?

Your life is supposed to feel upstream. Focus on those parts that are not on board with you and let them feel safe so you can get what you want.

I wish you massive success.


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Camilla Kristiansen

Camilla Kristiansen

🌟Mentor for female freedom seekers. Author of 40+ books on Amazon. Podcast Host. Get your FREE gift:

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