Today I have to call you upon your bullshit! It is time that someone gives it to you. you know all your excuses on why you don’t have success, why you can’t seem to figure it out. You tell us that you can’t be, do or have it because of, let me give it to you:

  • Too fat, Can’t be seen online.
  • Too stupid, can never ever get a new job.
  • Too old, you have to wait until you are retired.
  • Can’t do it. You don’t know how to.
  • It’s not possible, you don’t know anyone that has done it before.
  • You don’t have the money, you rather buy a new bag or tons of crappy food to stuff your face.
  • What would your (insert the right one) mother, father, neighbors, friends, husband, kids, dog, cat, the universe, God, angels, the cards say about you then. If you did that?

This is all bullshit excuses for YOU to not step into that power we all have inside of us. You can create success in an instant if you want to. Or is it so that you are afraid? Afraid of success, afraid to make money, afraid to go all in on your dreams.

That comfort zone is so good to stay in. Right?

That comfort zone will kill you. You will die in your comfort zone.

Or die like a hero. A hero in your own life. Where you are playing the leading role. Where the Oscar always goes to YOU.

Isn’t that what life is all about?

You are powerful and can create anything from within. And don’t give me that bullshit if you get rich, then what about the hungry kids in Africa!!

Then you can make an impact and give money away, build schools, fight for justice.

You are holding on to your bullshit excuses because you are so freaking scared of success. Scared to step into the spotlight and be 100% you.

You are there right now. Whatever you DECIDE on. You are there. FREEDOM. MONEY. SUCCESS.

You can have it, but first you need to get over yourself.

Keep playing the victim in your own life, or step it up and grab that Oscar we all know you deserve.

What’s it gonna be?

Camilla xxx

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